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An inspiring extract from Chris Kraus´s book:

“Punta Banda, Baja California North.

July 22  2007

looks conceptual . . . misunderstanding

Brüggemann talks in an interview about concepts arrived at while traveling. Does he maintain a studio, he´s asked. Yes, but (no surprise he´s an international contemporary artist) he spends most of his time on the move. So he adapts, turns his laptop computer into a portable hermitage, a locus of concentration that can be entered wherever he physically finds himself. In the late 80´s, the musician Fred Frith foresaw a future in which culture would be made exclusively by individuals able to function as small intelligent mobile units. What´s in your PowerBook? Travel, the condition of being nowhere and everywhere, makes the work very open, contemporary. It looks conceptual, wrought in the crepuscular dawn of endless transience.

The poetics of marketing: since everything is available, the point is no longer to have things but to use them as stations in eternal flux, leveraging into the infinite. Trump Baja: Owning here is just the beginning. Far more creativity goes into the marketing of products than into the products themselves. Likewise, the fact of the dissapeared object is key to conceptual art, a term that (like “capitalism”) is oxymoronic: all art now is conceptual, deriving its value only through context, at a second remove.

Or am I misunderstanding? ”

Where art belongs, by Chris Kraus

Published by Semiotext(e) 2011

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